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Cheryl Foster's Profile - Read a bit more about her reflexology practice as featured in the local publication, Natural Awakenings:

Reflexology: A Moving Experience - by Cheryl Foster

A different slant on 'being moved'.  Read about how reflexology helps move fluids including blood and lymph as well as energy too!

Reflexology: Making Space - by Cheryl Foster

Read how beneficial reflexology is for reducing tension and freeing  the energy of the body.

Reflexology for Ageless, Radiant Beauty - by Cheryl Foster

The phrase, “beauty is only skin deep” is interpreted as physical beauty being just superficial. But the skin is important and, in fact, the body’s largest organ.

This information is for people who have fatigue due to any type of arthritis and for their families and friends. It provides basic information about fatigue as well as tips on how to manage it.

How to avoid stress-related to body features

We are created differently and our bodies represent different features. Some of us are tall and big while others are short and small. All these are natural occurrences and there isn’t much we can do about it. But do you know, how your body features appear especially while sitting either at your place of work or at home or when hiking all in-effort of relaxing and killing burnout could result to a considerable amount of body-related stress. In this article, we are going to look at 5 ways of how you can avoid stress-related to body features especially if you are tall and big.

Six relaxation techniques to reduce stress

We all face stressful situations throughout our lives, ranging from minor annoyances like traffic jams to more serious worries, such as a loved one's grave illness. No matter what the cause, stress floods your body with hormones. Your heart pounds, your breathing speeds up, and your muscles tense.

Healthiest Ways to Relax Your Mind, Body and Soul

During hectic times, it’s tough to remember that relaxation is more than a luxury. In fact, humans need to relax to maintain balance in their lives. Work stress, family strife, and mounting responsibilities can exact a tremendous toll. Relaxing should be at the top of the list as a healthy coping measure and as a rewarding self-gift. Why do we so often neglect this healing self-care? Do you know the healthiest ways to relax your mind, body and soul?

How to make sure your shoes fit properly to prevent bunions, calluses and other maladies of the foot

There's no doubt shoes come in a slew of styles, shapes and colors.

Though their appearance might be the first thing that attracts us to them, it's not the most important aspect to consider when choosing your next pair.

Foot reflexology promotes healing and feeling great

The ancient Chinese art of foot reflexology applies to areas of the foot that correspond to the energy of specific organs and body parts to promote healing and release energy blockages.

Sleep Deprivation Can Have Significant Impact on Cognition

Sleep deprivation appears to affect cognition far more than previously thought, according to a large study by Michigan State University’s (MSU) Sleep and Learning Lab.

The study is the first to assess how sleep deprivation impacts placekeeping, the ability to complete a series of steps without losing one’s place despite potential interruptions. The study builds on prior research from MSU’s sleep scientists to determine the effects that lack of sleep has on a person’s ability to follow a procedure and maintain attention.

A footnote for better health

Your feet might just hold the secret to better health. With more than 7,000 nerve endings at the bottom of your feet, these pathways allow for every part of the body to benefit from a practice called reflexology.