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Cheryl Foster's Profile - Read a bit more about her reflexology practice as featured in the local publication, Natural Awakenings:

Reflexology: A Moving Experience - by Cheryl Foster

A different slant on 'being moved'.  Read about how reflexology helps move fluids including blood and lymph as well as energy too!

Reflexology: Making Space - by Cheryl Foster

Read how beneficial reflexology is for reducing tension and freeing  the energy of the body.

Reflexology for Ageless, Radiant Beauty - by Cheryl Foster

The phrase, “beauty is only skin deep” is interpreted as physical beauty being just superficial. But the skin is important and, in fact, the body’s largest organ.

You’ve probably heard about fascia. Magazine articles describe this tissue found throughout the body as a “net” or “webbing” that keeps organs and muscles in place. Foam-roller manufacturers tout the value of “myofascial” release for alleviating pain. And if you’ve ever suffered from plantar fasciitis, an inflammation affecting the arches in your feet, you’ve probably wondered if the condition is somehow related to fascia. After decades of being ignored and discounted, fascia is finally having its moment: As one clever health blogger recently put it, “Fascia is fashionable.”

Finding the Right Shoe Size Is More Complicated Than You Think. Start Here

Shoe sizing is confusing. You’re a size 10 in one shoe, a 10.5 in another and, somehow, a 9 in another shoe. How? Getting the right size is a balancing act of a dozen pedial factors, each one of which is simultaneously hyper-specific and frustratingly vague. With expert advice from the professionals at high-end retailer Leffot, boot maker Viberg and sneaker mecca Stadium Goods, we gathered the best advice to guide you to the right shoe size.

Why Sleep Is the Most Important Part of Your Day

“There will be sleeping enough in the grave,” or in other words, “There will be plenty of time to sleep once you’re dead.” It’s a famous quote, one that’s often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, among others. Whoever said it, though, is wrong. Science has shown undeniably that sleep is essential to our health and longevity.

Work boots and fatigue

The moment your alarm goes off before the sun rises, you know today’s going to be a marathon. While the average person may walk 10,000 steps a day, you walk more than 30,000. Your work is an endurance sport. You need to fight fatigue from the very first step of the day to the last. And selecting the right work boot for the job is a key first step.


I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know there is nothing worse than sore feet—and sore feet are guaranteed if neglected.

30 Grounding Techniques to Quiet Distressing Thoughts

Grounding is a practice that can help you pull away from flashbacks, unwanted memories, and negative or challenging emotions. These techniques may help distract you from what you’re experiencing and refocus on what’s happening in the present moment.


Described by one client as feeling like "a big drink of sunshine," reflexology is similar to a massage, but it targets specific regions or zones of the foot and hand.

How to Hack Your Hormones for a Better Mood

Your feet might just hold the secret to better health. With more than 7,000 nerve endings at the bottom of your feet, these pathways allow for every part of the body to benefit from a practice called reflexology.