Inner Body Meditation


A Four Session Meditative Experience


There’s no question that we live in uncertain times.  With the growing tension in our culture and throughout the world, it’s no wonder we can feel fearful, angry, lost or just plain disconnected.   So I've created a deeply relaxing practice that can be used in between your bodywork sessions such as reflexology or massage, etc. or used simply on its own.  

Join a growing number of people who are turning inward to meditative practices in order to experience more inner quiet  and slowly  recognize and understand difficult emotions.   With practice these often strong emotional states can soften and we develop the capacity to feel more resourced and engaged.  Many options are now available for body centered (somatic) approaches to help balance the body through grounding and calming the nervous system.

I offer a simple and practical way to experience and ground yourself in a deeper and richer way.  And you do not need any prior knowledge or practice of meditation in order to enjoy the benefits:

  • Accessing your body through feeling rather than thinking
  • Increasingly greater awareness of what triggers stress in you and the emotions involved, without discounting these feelings
  • Learn about how stress has and is affecting you now.  The body stores trauma on all levels.
  • Greater energy – less fatigue
  • Deeper and more relaxed sleep
  • A sense of space and openness in your body and your thoughts so it’s easier to be in uncertainty
  • Increased calm and poise More openness and ease in relationships


A Four Session Summary

Session 1 – Intention and Focus

  1. The value of moving inwards and settling in with yourself
  2. Developing inner support
  3. What is body awareness and presence?
  4. Basic Practice: Checking in – ‘where are you now?’
  5. Body scanning with breath
  6. Practicing on your own


Session 2 – Introducing practices

  1. Opening grounding practice
  2. Checking in – ‘where are you now?’
  3. A guided sensing tour through your body – the tense and the open places
  4. Tapping into the breath
  5. Articulating your experience
  6. Practicing on your own


Session 3 – Exploring and meeting yourself in a new way

  1. Opening into a deeper grounding practice
  2. Checking in – ‘where are you now?’ and meeting your experience
  3. A guided sensing tour including dividing the body into parts
  4. Using breath to explore the parts of your body
  5. Articulating your experience
  6. Practicing on your own


Session 4 – Your receptive body

  1. Opening into a deeper grounding practice
  2. Checking in – ‘where are you now?’ and trusting your experience
  3. Body scanning from head to toe
  4. Focused and relaxed breath with emphasis on the exhalation
  5. The power in silence
  6. Articulating your experience
  7. Practicing on your own

(Note: the practices listed at the end of each session will be personalized based on your needs.)


This series is being offered online (Zoom) or in person. 

The sessions are 1 hour long.

They are led by Cheryl and you will have interaction and  feedback through each session.

Your experience is valued and your expression will be held in a safe space.

Cost is $360 for the 4 sessions.

"And I am offering a free 30 minute session to meet on Zoom to answer questions 

and see if this is a good fit for you."  Cheryl Foster

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Knock and the joy inside will eventually open up a window to see who's there.