"Immediately, Cheryl put me at ease and treated me to a relaxing rejuvenating session.  She's talented and knowledgeable - a great new asset to Tucson's community of health providers."  

 - Barbara, Tucson


"Cheryl's reflexology treatment left me feeling relaxed for days. I felt truly heard as Cheryl took the time on my initial intake, and she responded with a session that addressed my physical imbalance to the tee. This should be a regular routine, not just an occasional treat."

- Tricia, Tucson


“Cheryl’s approach is so personal.  She doesn’t just care about my physical body, she also cares about my mental and emotional state…..my overall state.  She cares about me."

– Cindy S. Denver

“I was truly impressed by how enjoyable and rewarding my session with Cheryl was. I was surprised by how my body responded during the session and I was able to experience a deep sense of calm while at the same time felt an overall release of energy throughout my body. The effects lasted long after my session was over. Even after just one session, I learned the effect reflexology had on me and the benefits it could provide for others. I would recommend reflexology to my family, friends and patients as a safe complementary therapy that can be used in combination with their current medical care.”

– Allyson Wood, Psychiatry Resident University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

“My allopathic and homeopathic doctors applaud the benefits I am receiving from my reflexology treatments.  I have been able to reduce prescription and over-the-counter medication in the past year and I believe strongly that reflexology has played a role in my success.”

– Marylou C.

“I found reflexology to be one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve had. Cheryl made me feel really comfortable and I left feeling very happy and balanced.

– Carrie Goodson, MD

“I really believe that foot reflexology is not just about feet.  It’s about learning to relax and release tension so that I can be more comfortable with whatever I’m doing.  Without the tension, I’m more confident that if I need to over-extend myself, I can recover.  It’s a fact…there will be times when I’ll be stressed emotionally and physically and I am grateful to know that I’m doing something that helps release the pressure.”

– Sandy H.

“Cheryl is very passionate and caring. She provides outstanding care for her clients!”

– Tierney Sparks, MD

“Is this heaven? No, it’s Barefoot Dreams Reflexology. In my book, Cheryl Foster is the Babe Ruth of reflexology. For me, reflexology with Cheryl is the ultimate treatment for ‘clearing the mind.’ A ‘grand slam’ that returns me home to my true being!”

– Bruce H.

“As a mother, the opportunity to carve time out of my day for me is rare. With the little free time I have, I chose to get reflexology treatments with Cheryl. She provides me with a relaxing space and energetic healing. Reflexology makes me feel renewed and fulfilled!”

– Annie H.

"This was the most relaxing thing I have ever done.  She has a beautiful location and did a great job.  I plan to refer my friends to her."

Andrea L., M.D.

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