Sock-it-to-Em Ambassador


We’d love your donated new socks for the homeless!

Cheryl Foster is a new Sock Ambassador for the Sock It To Em Sock Campaignhere in Denver. As a reflexologist she sees lots of socks and knows the value of socks for keeping the feet healthy and comfortable. Through the caring campaign organizers, she learned that socks are the most needed clothing item for homeless folks. She welcomes any new socks you would care to donate so they can be distributed.

She has a special sock drawer in her reception area. You can bring socks along with your reflexology appointment or just drop them off. Please give a call first to make sure her office is open.

And thanks to you for knocking your socks off for the homeless!


Cheryl was pleased to pass on the donation of 120 pairs of socks to the campaign in 2018. All have been brought in by reflexology clients and also sent by an anonymous donor. Thank you all!!

For more information on the campaign, click here.